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  soundtracks for live events, video and film  

working pieces
Enhanced Listening
These are files in progress - working soundtracks and songs that members of the bizarre ensemble collaborate and remix on.

You are welcome to create your own remix and share it with us by emailing us the file or a link to your file.

You may also use these files in any way that you like as long as your credit them to the bizarre ensemble. We retain the right to use any files that you share with us and any remixes that you create using our files.

Please also let us know how you are using our material so that we can share in your joy.

You can contact us here:

The Files

Original Composer(s)
Collaborators and Notes
Stealing Time
Douglas Brent Smith

Breathing Money
Douglas Brent Smith

From One Another
Douglas Brent Smith


the bizarre ensemble
a Dercar and Smith Production
Boulder, CO 80301 and the world

 soundtracks for live events, video and film
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